Opening to the public Doors of the association will open very soon (wednesdays and thursdays from 2pm to 4:30pm). Please feel free to contact us.

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Would you like to become a member of Chou-Ai?

As such, to support the protection and defense of sloths, you can join the association by completing and returning the form to be downloaded here.

The money collected will be used mainly for the purchase of food, the center and for veterinary care.

Short introduction

I am not a monkey, as one usually thinks.

I do not belong to the Primates family but to the Xenarthrans family, like anteaters and armadillos !

We differ from other Mammals because of our extra articulations

With the armadillos and the anteaters, we are the last living representatives of this family which appeared 60 millions years ago on Earth. At this time, we did not live onto trees as we weighted 3 tonnes and were 6 meters high !

Ai on the ground